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Over the past 25 years, Mr. Abhay Kumar has built up his vast network of credible buyers and suppliers and gained valuable expertise in the metal and recycling industry. Throughout his journey he has run projects in India as well as South Africa, building strategic partnerships and associations in Southeast Asian and North American markets since 1996. 

Mr. Kumar is an industry veteran and has immense experience in setting up industrial projects and a high understanding of the macroeconomic influences in the metal world. That knowledge paired up with his masters in chemistry as well as masters in business, gives his clients a cutting edge over their competitors and to him, a special kind of expertise in this field. 

He has travelled to more than 40 countries and attended numerous events that are the mainstage networking meets in the metal and recycling industry such as the ISRI, BIR, BMR and MRAI conferences.

Mr. Kumar is one of the most trusted and credible names in this industry, all while assuring maximum profitability for his network of clients with the help of one ingredient he values most - Honesty.  


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